Itchy Jill

Photo: Helmut Newton

I am a sinner and a saint.
An obedient slave to my passions and obsessions.
A marionette to my own emotions.
A devoted submissive Domina.
A constructively nuts Barbie Terminator.
A shy erotomaniac and scared pervert.
A subdued starlet and a ruthless sexual predator (because I am intimidated by men, I attack them)
An emotionally intense women’s figure, skilled in all the ways to commit blasphemy against God in me.
I am all the way unhappily in love – with myself.
My hobbies: crocheting, gardening and sexual escapism.
My three fetishes: autoerotism, rude curse words and loyalty to myself.
My promised one: he wasn’t born yet. (Just as the cake isn’t done yet.)
My ideal lover: baffling, hyperinteligent, emotionally articulated and sensible dude, capable of inspiring me for – well, myself.
My worst poisons: a fuck in the hay and wasting time in a comfort zone (that is not that comfortable as it seems!)
My life: a great emotional turbulence. It’s like I’ve spent the last 42 years in the majestic Disneyland!
Tunnels of horror, cotton candy, kisses, roller coasters, happy carousels, Mickey Mouses with limp dicks.
Fuck-melancholic Popeyes with their bored Olives…I have everything on my plate.
And I want to share the excesses of the production of experiences from my lust factory with you too.